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January 30, 2008
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How can I feel this? – Chapter Six

     Sari's antics (which could only be described as hyperactive) caused the Autobots to check into their stasis pods early that night. Everything was quiet, the silence only being broken by an occasional car engine, as it's driver sped off to its destination. No bugs were buzzing, no birds were chirping. It was peaceful. What bliss...
     Prowl's face mask lowered, giving him no further advantage in the enclosed, broken down industry building. He had only risen it to appear spy-like and add a hint of danger to his otherwise peaceful disposition. He dropped to the floor, his pointed metal feet clinking on the hardened steel of the floor. Bumblebee's room was messy; he was so like an organic teenager. The yellow robot was sleeping peacefully in his stasis pod, his vents barely humming for it was a cool night.
     Prowl slowly stepped over to the pod, eying the stickers that decorated the side of its metal rim. Sari had chosen a variety of different smiley faces and even a rainbow or two. Prowl couldn't imagine that Bumblebee hadn't been upset with this new development, but he would do anything for the little girl. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he hurt Sari's feelings.
     Prowl grinned, reaching down to the green button at the base of the pod that opened it. Prowl paused, his gray finger hovering above the glowing button.
     Do I really think this is intelligent? Is it worth it? Maybe I am developing something of a jealous streak.
     Prowl almost snorted in disgust.
     Am I second guessing myself?
     Prowl still didn't move, as if the circuitry of his right arm had frozen over. Maybe he should get Ratchet to delete these feelings. They were only interfering lines of code, were they not? But Prowl couldn't do that. Not now, at least. Right now, he had a mission.
     A mission? I'm sounding more and more like those arrogant FBI humans every day.
     Prowl ignored the feeling for a moment as he forced himself to press the green button. The glass of the stasis pod slid upward into an upper compartment. Noiseless. Cybertronion technology was very efficient, and Prowl thanked Primus for it. He opened his chest plating and started digging through the wiring, looking for something. When his hand finally touched the tip of the cord, he pulled it out slowly, not wanting entangled wires delaying him. He rose the cord to be on level with the outlet in Bumblebee's forehead.
     Do it... he urged himself. Do it!
     That was all it took. He moved the cord to about an inch from the outlet and it's covering slipped into the compartment in Bumblebee's head. The cord was gravitationally pulled into the outlet and Prowl immediately started downloading Bumblebee's thoughts and feelings. The emotions pounded through Prowl's circuitry, forcing him to shut his optics behind the pointed, glasses-shaped visor.
     Love...sadness...more love. The emotions were tidal waves, assaulting Prowl's neuro-circuitry, causing his vision to blur over. The impairment was gone within seconds and the outlet finally released the cord, letting Prowl stow it away again within the complicated map of wires behind his chest plating.
     Prowl closed the stasis pod, quietly removing himself from the scene. Prowl closed himself in his own pod, feeling a sense of accomplishment. But...what felt so empty in his spark?


     "Mornin', Prowl," Ratchet said, seeming a bit happier than he ought to be.
     Prowl rubbed his head, feeling a bit distant. Like he didn't want to talk with anyone. But he did want comfort, no matter the bot it came from.
     "Good morning, Ratchet," Prowl said, trying to mask his emotion like he usually did. "Would you mind running me a diagnostic this morning?"
     "Sure, how ya' been feelin' lately?" Ratchet said, trying to remove Prowl's visor to check his optics.
     Prowl pushed Ratchet's hand away. "Not here!" he hissed at the medic.
     "Suit yourself," Ratchet said, shrugging. "But they're gonna' see your optics someday."


     Prowl sat on Ratchet's medical table, letting the medic remove his visor once they were alone. Prowl's azure optics settled into a questioning position, waiting for Ratchet to be done. A light shined into them, causing Prowl a bit of discomfort.
     "Eghh," Prowl said, pulling away a bit.
     "Hey!" Ratchet yelled, grabbing Prowl's arm. "You asked for this, now behave, or I'll throw you out!"
     Prowl contented himself with a glare, and waited as Ratchet opened his chest plating and started scanning wires.
     "Everything seems to be in order, now – what the frag is that?" Ratchet's expression changed from contentment to surprise within a nanoclick. "You downloaded last night? From another Autobot?!"
     Prowl tried to suppress a guilty look creeping toward his face, and shoved his visor back on, so his optics wouldn't deceive him. Ratchet crossed his arms and stared into Prowl's optics with a blazing glare that could probably burn through steel itself.
     "Something I should know about, Prowl?" Ratchet asked, turning the robot's face toward him with his red hand. "Hmm?"
     Prowl lightly pushed Ratchet's hand away, discouraging the touch.
     "No, not really..." He hadn't known that downloads could be tracked through a Transformers' processors!
     "Someone I should know about?" Ratchet raised a arch in his forehead, expressing curiosity.
     "No!" Prowl yelled, immediately taking offense at such a comment. Someone? Of course not!
     Downloading, in Cybertronian, has two definitions. One being the downloading of information, which you can download from a computer, disk, or other Autobot, but there is a second definition. One that says downloading is a bond of love. A commitment to another bot that you wish to spend the rest of your natural life with.
     "Other than that..." Ratchet said, carefully putting emphasis on the word that, "Everything seems to be in order. I'll be seeing you, Prowl."
     Prowl nodded, quickly jumping up from the medical table and rushing toward the door.
     "Soon," Ratchet added.
     Prowl nodded again to show that he'd heard, and left. Someone? Did Ratchet suspect something? What was this empty feeling? Why did life have to be so hard?!
SORRY, FOR THE EXTREMELY LONG WAIT. I have no excuse for it. I liked writing this one. A LOT. And since I had to rewrite it, the story went a whole different direction! And it's...better.

Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers Animated.
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jack104 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011  Student Filmographer
great work! (thats all i got to say) :iconsweatplz:
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invadrzina Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2008
Thank you.
FoxyTurttle Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
either he likes sari because of the downloading either he has a crush on bumblebee...
well let's see
invadrzina Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2008
Ooh, you'll have to find out!
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Can you explain to me HOW to upload stories on to Deviantart? Please?
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You go to your Profile page, then you click on Submit Deviation, and click Add Text, and enter your text.
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